The National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) has opened a Canadian Government Relations office in Ottawa, Canada’s capital city. The office is the NTEA’s first location in Canada and will play an important role in addressing the increasing challenges presented by international marketplace dynamics.

The Ottawa and Washington, D.C., offices focus on creating a unified voice for the work truck industry while addressing the needs of the North American market.  

“Around the world, governments have begun to recognize the economic benefits associated with global truck platforms, harmonized safety regulations and emissions standards for commercial vehicles.” said Steve Carey, NTEA executive director. “Having a second Government Relations office further strengthens the NTEA’s ability to influence and respond to regulations and legislation impacting the North American market.”

The Ottawa office works under the direction of Mike Kastner, NTEA managing director, who leads the NTEA’s government relations efforts in Washington, D.C.  It will focus strictly on government relations and international business.  Standard member services will continue to be provided by NTEA staff in Farmington Hills, Michigan.