Badger Truck Equipment (BTE) has announced the restructuring of its commercial paint department, resulting in the hiring of new employees, as well as a refurbished space and a new paint vendor.

As part of BTE’s process improvement plan for 2017, the company has hired painters Christopher Hintz and DeAnna Hicks. The painting team, which most recently worked at Terex Utilities in Waukesha, WI, has a combined 18 years of professional commercial vehicle painting experience. BTE continued its expansion by refurbishing the paint booth, painting and resurfacing the walls and adding in new lighting.

“We specialize in commercial truck painting, fleet maintenance, body work and refurbishing,” said Nancy Schlagenhauf, BTE General Manager. “To move to the next level, we knew we needed to hire a team with the right experience to enable us to provide our customers with what they need.”

Jeremy Pfister, BTE’s Service Manager, added that BTE has also partnered with a new paint vendor, Auto Industrial Color (AIC), and is working with the Sikkens paint line which provides better coverage, gloss and longer color retention.

“With the new equipment we’ve invested in, such as our color camera, we can provide accurate digital color matching in‐house for touch‐ups or matching existing company colors,” Pfister noted. “Our new painting team then completes the job. With their skill set, the process is completed efficiently and is done right the first time.”