FiberPanel HC, a new lightweight side wall design from Supreme Industries, will allow fleet operators and other delivery truck owners to increase their payload capacity, decreasing their overall operating costs per load.

FiberPanel HC, the truck body side wall design exclusive to Supreme Industries, is now available on Supreme’s Van Body or Iner-City truck bodies.

Built with a durable, fiberglass-reinforced, gelcoated honeycomb side wall material, the exclusive FiberPanel HC side wall reduces the overall weight of the truck body to increase payload capacity and possibly fuel efficiency. A 14’ Supreme SIGNATURE Van Body with FiberPanel HC side walls with a composite rear roll-up door weighs 288 pounds less than a comparable size truck built with standard Fiberlgass Reingorced Plywood (FRP) side wall materials.

“Reducing operating costs is always a priority for our work truck owners and increasing your payload can decrease the delivered cost per pound of each load.  Supreme truck bodies built with FiberPanel HC side walls can provide owners with a distinct economic benefit,” said Mark Weber, Chief Executive Officer of Supreme Industries.

In developing the FiberPanel HC design, Supreme Industries built upon technology used by the aerospace and automotive industries, as the honeycomb structure is one favored by industries building flat or slightly curved surfaces that require a high strength-to-weight ratio.

In addition, the polypropylene core does not absorb moisture, keeping the side walls safe from water damage, allowing for an extended life, compared to traditional side wall materials.

And, because it provides a rivet-less external surface, the outer side wall surface remains completely smooth, so the truck owner’s branding stands out.

“Our engineers with the Tower Structural Laminating division designed FiberPanel HC to be light, strong, and tough. It was built to increase capacity, lowering your overall operating costs, and giving you everything you need in a truck body side wall that’s built to last,” said Weber.