Australian transport equipment supplier MaxiTRANS has made a number of changes to its refrigerated and dry freight rigid truck body brand, Peki. Manufactured at MaxiTRANS’ Dandenong facility, the brand is back with a new design and with the goal of supplying high-quality bodies to customers via its own dealer network and a number of selected truck dealerships.

General Manager, Neil Zantuck, said that new Peki rigid bodies would continue to represent the same values that the brand has always been known for.

“Peki is a well-loved brand in the Australian rigid body market,” he said. “Peki and in turn, the bear logo, has always been a symbol of stunning appearance, high quality construction and industry leading thermal efficiency. We’ve designed the new range based on these characteristics and then taken it even further, meaning Peki enthusiasts will continue to receive the qualities that they have come to expect from the brand.”

Among the design changes are a forklift-proof front wall, improved floor insulation and simplified rear door panels.

 “Many of the improvements are based around greater durability and easier maintenance,” said Neil, before highlighting a variety of options which allow the Peki bodies to be customized to suit customer requirements. “The bodies are available in dry freight models through to chiller and freezer specification.We also offer a large range of optional components such as tail lifts, side doors, Load Lok and lighting options for complete customization of the body.”

He said there’s a new national approach to sales. “Melbourne is a common landing port for many new trucks which are being imported into Australia, not to mention being a manufacturing hub for made-to-order vehicles,” he said. “So, customers purchasing a truck from an interstate dealership can arrange to have the body fitted after it lands, before it is transported to its destination, with no interruption to the delivery process.”

“And while the bodies will be built in Victoria, we are able to offer local support through our network of dealerships around Australia. We have already taken orders from fleets in Queensland and South Australia. We have also received orders from truck dealerships and a number of smaller operators in Victoria and we encourage interest from similar customers in other states who have trucks arriving or being assembled in Melbourne.”

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