GREENHOUSE gas regulations for trailers, Canadian import procedures, and recommendations for improved product quality were all on the agenda of the TTMA Engineering Committee meeting.

The greenhouse gas update was a special meeting held the previous day. Prior to the start of the regularly scheduled meeting, Mark Sidman, an attorney specializing in federal excise tax reviewed the principles involved in this complex topic, while Don Moore of the Canadian Transportation Equipment Association brought news of Canada’s new regulations aimed at simplifying the importation of trucks and trailers. Details of these presentations can be found elsewhere in this issue.

Among the highlights of the regularly scheduled meeting:

• Shannon Richardson of XL Specialized Trailers presented a rough draft of a petition concerning strobe lights on trailers.

• Brad Van Riper of Truck-Lite reported on meeting with NHTSA lighting officials. Van Riper and TTMA’s John Freiler have invited NHTSA representatives to attend the committee’s summer meeting and the Joint Industry/Government meeting.

The committee reviewed several TTMA publications and reissued the following:

• RP 6 - Trailer Hitches and Connections for Interchange Service

• RP 64 - Rolling Tail Pipes

• RP 71 - Trailer Axle Alignment

• RP 72 - Trailer Converter Dolly

• TB 99 - Disposition of Spring Brake Chambers

The Engineering Committee’s next meeting is tentatively scheduled for 1:00 pm July 22 at The Embassy Suites Hotel in Alexandria VA. The following morning will be the Joint Industry/Government meeting, followed by the Products Liability Committee meeting that afternoon. ♦

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