THE Tank Conference reviewed a series of technical bulletins and recommended practices during the TTMA convention.

The committee also heard a presentation from the National Tank Truck Carriers president John Conley on several topics affecting carriers and discussed a response to recent correspondence on wetlines.

Based on the results of the meeting, the following publications are to be re-issued:

  • TB 75 - Hot Products Tank Vehicles (Bituminous and Coal Tar Products).

  • TB 101 - Corrosion of General Purpose Stainless Steel Tanks.

  • TB 123 - Vapor Recovery Retrofit of MC 307 and 312 Cargo Tanks.

  • RP No. 21-12 - Tank Vehicles in Hot Product Service.

  • RP No. 78-12 - Design of Circumferential Reinforcing Members on Carbon Steel Cargo Tanks Where Internal Thickness Testing is Precluded by Lining or Product Heel.

  • RP No. 81-12 - Performance of Spring Loaded Pressure Relief Valves on MC 306, MC 307, MC 312, DOT 407 and DOT 412 Tanks.

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