Preliminary September net trailer orders were at 21,500 units, up 47% from August and up 84% year over year, according to FTR.

Orders met expectations and support the FTR forecast of another strong trailer market in 2018.  Trailer orders have now totaled 275,000 units over the past 12 months, much in line with 2017 production numbers.

“This is great news for the trailer market in 2018,” said Don Ake, FTR Vice President of Commercial Vehicles. “When fleets begin ordering more trailers in September, it indicates the market should be robust the following year.  We expect ordering activity to accelerate in October and stay elevated throughout Q4.  Production rates should stay at higher levels, rolling right into 2018.

“Freight expansion early next year will severely strain industry capacity, and fleets will need to add trailers to handle the added loads.  Both the manufacturing and consumer sectors of the economy are healthy right now, and this should lead to increased demand for most trailer segments.  Things look very positive for trailers right now.”