NICOLAS has delivered an order of MHD G2 SPE trailers—with 20 driven axle lines and an electronic multi-mode steering system—to Addax Petroleum in Nigeria to combat the tough operating conditions of tropical heat and salty air.

With a zinc dust primer as a basis and coated with polyurethane, and painted using environmentally compatible high-solid top coat, the vehicles are suitably equipped to resist the adverse weather conditions.

Addax Petroleum will be using the newly acquired vehicles mainly for loading offshore components onto floating production storage and offloading units (FPSOs), which are utilized in offshore activities for the extraction, storage and loading of crude oil and natural gas by means of one or more drilling platforms. Addax Petroleum is part of the Sinopec Group, the largest oil refining group of companies in Asia, and operates production facilities in Africa, Middle East and the North Sea.

"We were able to deliver at very short notice, the vehicle precisely fulfilled all payload requirements and the customer was well convinced by the excellent quality of workmanship. The latest changes in the production process guarantee even higher reliability of our vehicles,” said Pierre Berret, Area Manager Sales at NICOLAS.

The bogie of the new NICOLAS MHD G2 generation - available with mechanical or electronic multi-mode steering - has been specially designed to carry extremely concentrated loads. For road transportation, the MHD G2 can be used as a trailer or semi-trailer combination as well as coupled side-by-side as a 3- or 4-file combination.