Pressure Systems International (PSI) completed 2013 with record sales of their automatic tire inflation system for commercial vehicles—a 21% increase that exceeded the forecast of 14%.

Throughout 2013, PSI celebrated its 20th anniversary supplying automatic tire inflation systems, including being the first to recognize the benefit of this technology for commercial trailers. During the year, it honored 12 trucking fleets that played a significant role in the success.

Today, the Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS) by PSI has the greatest share of North American fleets that use automatic tire inflation systems with approximately 36% of all new trailers being equipped with the system.  PSI also markets its automatic tire inflation system in 41 countries currently exporting to China, Europe, South America, Africa and Australia.

“2013 was a good year for our industry and for PSI,” commented Tim Musgrave, President/CEO.  “Our people and our customers continued to work together to help make 2013 a memorable year for us.  We are forecasting similar growth in 2014.”