Propane distributor McCraw Oil, based in Bonham, Texas, recently joined Alliance AutoGas, the U.S authorized distribution partner for PRINS autogas technologies, as both a propane marketer and conversion center.

Alliance AutoGas converts conventional gasoline vehicles to run on clean propane autogas and implements on-site fueling stations.

McCraw Oil is a distributor of propane, fuels and lubricants in northeast and central Texas and southeast Oklahoma, serving customers since 1972.

 “We saw strong growth in our propane volume over the years, and we decided several years ago that propane autogas would be a valuable addition to our business,” said Bill Wilson, President. “After launching both a vehicle and mower conversion business, we began looking for a partner to help us better compete through marketing, technology and expertise.  We are very pleased to join Alliance Autogas, and we look forward to being a part of the nation’s premiere independent propane marketer group dedicated to bringing outstanding products and services to the propane autogas customer.”

Alliance AutoGas coordinates propane autogas vehicle conversions, installs refueling infrastructure and provides ongoing vehicle maintenance support and training, through a network of more than 98 member companies and conversion centers in 46 states throughout North America, including all of Canada and Nova Scotia.

“We are pleased to continue to expand Alliance AutoGas and its propane marketer members who provide critical propane autogas sales, fueling infrastructure and servicing to our fleets,” adds Stuart Weidie, President of Alliance AutoGas.

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