FTR senior consultant and economic expert Bill Witte has received the “Best Change in Private Inventories” award from the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

FTR has earned nine forecasting awards since 2005, including the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago’s Best Overall Forecast, Best Unemployment Rate Forecast, and Best Oil Price Forecast in 2012. 
Witte recently retired from teaching in the Department of Economics at Indiana University in Bloomington. For many years he was associated with the IU Center for Econometric Model Research, where he used large computer models to produce forecasts of the U.S. and Indiana economies. He continues to produce regular forecasts for the U.S. economy using a model that has about 300 variables.  He has been consulting with FTR since 2008. 
"Bill Witte is one of the best in the business, and he continues to demonstrate this time and time again,” said Eric Starks, president of FTR. “These awards are important recognitions for our organization and demonstrate our core strength in forecasting outcomes for our subscribers. Credit goes to the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago for recognizing all the award recipients who are helping companies forecast intelligently."
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