When developing its new V250 directional control valve, Muncie Power Products strived to find a valve that would meet and surpass the 90V capabilities, and the result is pressure capability that can go up to 4,000 PSI.

The recently released valve is constructed with high-grade iron castings and nickel-plated or hard-chrome spools for use in high-pressure applications, and can be configured with a variety of spool, control and positioning options. 

“It will mainly be used for dump trailer applications and large motor drive systems,” said Brad Smith, senior product engineering specialist.  

The construction materials resist wear, allowing for extended life under extreme conditions. The V250 is designed for flow rates up to 75 GPM (280 LPM) and offers superior performance in a compact package. 

The valve’s tight tolerances and precision machining will keep internal spool leakages low. Its internal oil core design enables higher flow rates and low-pressure drops, and high-pressure carry over and closed center options are available. Load-checks are standard on all work sections. Work-port relief valves, anti-cavitation valves, combination relief/anti-cavitation valves and pilot-operated relief valves are available for individual work section protection needs. The product development took a number of shifting factors in the industry into consideration. 

“There are truck chassis technology changes happening all the time and EPA regulations have resulted in engine operation changes. All these changes affect how you have to interface with the truck chassis system to operate a hydraulic system,” Smith said.