The Landoll Corporation Trailer Division has unveiled the “Next Generation Landoll” (NGL)—one of the 400 Series Traveling Axle Trailers that are the first models with the new hydraulic operating systems and the all-new Grote lighting package.

The trailers have increased operational speed and the dynamic lighting package that increases visual awareness and driver safety.

“The new hydraulic operating system, nicknamed HOSS, was a total collaboration between customers, vendors, and the Landoll engineers,” said Jim Ladner, Landoll Corporation’s National Sales Manager. 

HOSS took over a year to develop.  Research started in late 2013 with customer interviews revealing great opportunities to improve.  Operational efficiencies, heat buildup and noise reduction, and improved driver safety were focus points.

Said Brad Bergman, Landoll Engineering Project Manager, “The industry is changing to higher flow systems and the new 20 GPM hydraulic system has increased the operational speed of all functions.  The axle travel and winch line speed have increased by as much as 65%.”

 “We changed every light and harness on the trailer,” said Gary Dwerlkotte, Landoll Sales Coordinator.  “Lighting is all about safety. We kept adding lights until we maximized visual awareness.”

 “We worked closely with Grote engineers to develop this custom built system.  Grote had just released their new micro-nova LED lights and it was just what we were looking for,” stated Loren Wassenberg, Landoll Project Manager. This high-intensity LED light has a 160-degree projection, making it the best choice for the side marker application.  The Clear White lens and a chrome surround were chosen to give the trailer great eye appeal, day or night.

The new “A” series 440 and 455 will be 2016 year models.  The first arrivals to dealerships are set for July.  Public showings will be available at several association shows and dealer events in upcoming months. 

For additional information on these new models or detachable trailers, call The Landoll factory at 800-428-5655 or e-mail