Haulmark unveiled an ultra-durable trailer with three times the life expectancy of similar models. Constructed with state-of-the-art technology adapted from the automotive industry, the VG Series trailers are lighter, stronger and more corrosion resistant than ever before.

The Haulmark VG-Series, part of the Universal Trailer Corporation family of brands, is produced in a new $25 million facility in Bristol, Ind., and includes: proprietary construction material; intelligent robotic welding for square and true frames; HSLA (high-strength, low-alloy) roll formed steel, double-flanged cross members to minimize road vibrations; frames dipped in an advanced coating providing ultimate anti-corrosion protection; and automotive fastener technology for perfectly aligned trailer chassis, walls and roof.

To verify its new materials, semi-automated production and sophisticated fastening methods, Haulmark implemented rigorous research, stress-testing its trailers on commercial truck test tracks, as well as using 3D modeling and computer vibration simulation to further validate the new design.

“Whatever our customers are hauling—whether it’s camping gear, bikes or valued possessions for their small business—they want to make sure it’s stowed in a trailer that’s light-weight and extra durable. We set out to create a tougher trailer that can go anywhere and withstand the test of time,” said Jeff Howes, Vice President of Marketing Universal Trailer.

Highlights of the new Haulmark VG-Series include:

  • Entire frame robotically welded: Automated robotic welding provides micron-precision welds every time, resulting in higher quality, squarer and truer cargo trailers.
  • Anti-corrosion dip tank: Every Trailer frame (chassis, walls and roof) is dipped in ArmorTech™, an advanced protective coating from Valspar, providing the ultimate metal treatment defense against rust and corrosion.
  • Patent-pending frame design: Haulmark started from scratch, leveraging modern engineering concepts to create a stronger, lighter and smarter frame. It then tested it at 100 percent cargo capacity for thousands of miles to prove its design, with the result exceeding expectations and performance of competitor’s brands.
  • Stronger and lighter: Trailers are made with High-Strength, Low Alloy (HSLA) Roll Formed Steel, with Grade 50 steel used on the chassis and wall attachment flange. This produces a new trailer frame that is up to 15 percent lighter yet stronger, delivering increased fuel economy and cargo capacity. 

  • Automotive fasteners: Trailers will be assembled with advanced fastening technology used in aerospace, rail and automotive industries for increased precision, strength and perfectly aligned trailer walls. 

“HSLA steel is used all the time in the automotive industry because it has a higher strength-to-weight ratio and more natural corrosion resistance than carbon steel,” said Terry Carlson, CEO of Universal Trailer. “This is just one of many innovations Haulmark adopted from the auto industry to create something entirely new and revolutionary, setting a benchmark for the industry in durability and performance.”