For April 2007, trailer orders were weak across the board (dry van, reefers, and flatbeds), while inventories continued to rise. Dry van cancellations came in at 18.3%.

Trailer orders totaled 12,334 in April, down 40% year-to-year (versus a 50% drop y/y in March). Dry van orders were 4,245 in April ( 9,515 in March), off 63% y/y (versus down 62% y/y in March). Flatbed orders were 2,181 in April (3,215 in March), a 8% decline y/y (versus off 27% y/y in March).

Dry van builds totaled 10,733 in April, an 18% drop y/y (down 16% y/y in March). Total trailer backlog-to-build ratios deteriorated 19% y/y to 5.7x (off 7.8% y/y in March). Dry van backlog-to-build ratios deteriorated 22% y/y to 5.2x (down 7% y/y in March).

Dry van inventories were 9,493 in April (versus 9,348 in March), up 41% y/y (up 48% y/y in March). Dry van inventories are now roughly 3,400 units higher than at the end of 2006.

Total trailer cancellation rates were 11.4% in April, deteriorating 640 basis points y/y (versus deterioration of 980 bp y/y in March). Dry van cancellations were 18.3% in April, deteriorating 1,310 bp y/y (deterioration was 1,330bp y/y in March).

This data was provided by Bear, Stearns & Co Inc and ACT Research.