OMCO, the largest manufacturer of custom roll formed parts in the United States, will begin a major plant expansion and upgrade project at its facility in Pierceton, Indiana, with an expected cost of $6.7 million and a completion date of late-2015.
The project will add 42,000 square feet of manufacturing space to the plant’s current 85,000 total square feet.  Along with a substantial increase in manufacturing space, OMCO will add additional roll forming lines as well as re-design critical aspects of its existing lines to improve manufacturing flexibility, lead times, and overall production efficiency. Together, these changes are expected to increase the plant’s throughput capability by over 50%.
Fabrication logoAccording to OMCO’s President and CEO Gary Schuster, “This expansion and upgrade project involving our Pierceton, Indiana, facility is going to allow OMCO to aggressively pursue new business opportunities where heavy-duty roll forming mills are required.  It will also provide the local area with a number of new manufacturing jobs.”

 Once the expansion is completed, the workforce at the Pierceton facility is expected to increase by approximately 40 employees.
OMCO also expects that all construction work will be performed by local contractors, providing an additional boost to the local economy.