Auto Truck Group has been awarded ship-thru status and codes for the 2015 Ford Transit full-size van, for the new Auto Truck Group facility in Kansas City, Missouri, opening in May.

The Kansas City ship-thru code is 31A D9K. When fleets order the new Ford Transit and use the Auto Truck Group ship-thru code, the vehicles will be sent directly to Auto Truck Group's facility for upfitting. Once the upfitting is complete, the vehicles will be returned to the factory to be entered into Ford's transportation system to the end destination.

"The new full-size Ford Transit is a breakthrough commercial van," says Vice President of Sales and Marketing Dennis Jones. "Auto Truck Group is proud to design and construct our new Kansas City facility specifically to upfit the Transit and other vehicles."

Currently, Auto Truck Group has ship-thru capabilities with five OEMs.