Fontaine Modification Fleet Services, a Fontaine Modification business unit established earlier this year to focus on fleet customers, opened its own headquarters May 1 in Cleveland, N.C., increasing Fontaine’s capacity in the Charlotte, N.C., area and providing modifications for vehicles built at Freightliner’s Cleveland manufacturing plant.

 “This new facility will allow us to better serve Freightliner and our mutual customers,” says Jamil Young, president of Fontaine Fleet Services. “Since the Freightliner plant is so close, we will be able to reduce our vehicle handling time and meet the growing demand for modifications on Freightliner’s Cleveland-built trucks. The facility will complement Freightliner’s existing PDI center, as well as Fontaine’s current Charlotte modification center. The new location will give us a stronger presence in the region and increase our overall service capacity for Freightliner and our mutual fleet customers.”

Located at 2718 Salisbury Highway, the new Fontaine Fleet Services headquarters and modification center features a 15,000-square-foot shop with four drive-through bays. The entire property is fenced for security, including the 15-acre truck parking lot. As the company grows, the building can be expanded to accommodate more vehicles.

Fontaine Fleet Services provides on-highway truck modifications for fleets. The Cleveland facility’s focus will be the installation of bulk hauler equipment, as well as additional chassis modifications and options not available through the plant or the current PDI Center.

Roger Carroll will serve as facility manager. He joined Fontaine in 2012 and previously served as the company’s alternative fuel supervisor, with responsibility for quality control, production flow, research and development, and training. Carroll also has experience managing production facilities in the Southeast.

            For more information about Fontaine Modification Fleet Services, call 800.FONTAINE (800.366.8246) or visit