New commercial vehicle registrations grew by 6.1% in September in the EU totaling 160,038 units, according to the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA).

The month counted on average one more working day across the region. Looking at the major markets, the French (-1.8%) and the Italian (-3.5%) shrank, in comparison with September 2012, while the German grew by 4.2% and the UK (+12.5%) and Spanish (+25.4%) posted a double-digit upturn. Three quarters into the year, demand for new commercial vehicles was down 4.0% in the EU with 1,230,188 new registrations. Spain (+1.8%) and the UK (+7.9%) recorded more vehicles than in the same period last year, while Germany (-6.9%), France (-7.0%) and Italy (-16.2%) saw their markets decline. 

New Heavy Commercial Vehicles over 16t (excluding Buses & Coaches) – "heavy trucks"
The segment of heavy trucks grew by 8.7% in September, accounting for 20,114 new registrations. Most markets expanded, from +3.7% in Germany to +7.0% in France, +11.0% in Spain and +40.2% in the UK. Italy was the only major market to shrink (-24.1%). Nine months into the year, the UK was the only country to post growth (+6.1%), as downturn ranged from -8.4% in France to -8.9% in Germany, -12.1% in Spain and -14.1% in Italy, leading to an overall 6.1% decrease in the region. In total, 151,817 new heavy trucks were registered in the period. 

New Commercial Vehicles over 3.5t (excluding Buses & Coaches) – "trucks" 
In September, the EU registered 26,058 new trucks, or 7.6% more than in the same month last year. Italy was the only significant market to contract, as growth ranged from +2.5% in Germany to +7.0% in France, +12.1% in Spain and +32.0% in the UK. From January to September, most major markets declined, from -8.6% in Germany to -9.5% in France, -11.7% in Spain and -17.3% in Italy. The UK stood out with a 1.5% expansion of its market. In total, 202,239 new trucks were registered, or 6.8% less than in the first nine months of 2012. 

New Buses & Coaches over 3.5t 
In September, growth prevailed across major EU markets, leading to an overall 15.7% upturn. The UK (+21.3%), France (+13.6%) and Germany (+38.6%) remained the largest markets. Three quarters into the year,results were diverse with Germany (+3.0%) and France (+8.6%) recording growth, while Italy (-1.8%), Spain (-7.3%) and the UK (-12.0%) faced a downturn. Overall, demand for new buses and coaches reached 23,470 units, or 2.7% less than in the same period a year earlier.