Schneider Logistics, Inc., announced the opening of five new freight forwarding offices at major gateways in the United States and Europe. These offices further expand Schneider’s global supply chain footprint and provide shippers with more options for their growing international import and export needs.

The new freight forwarding offices in the U.S. include Chicago, Atlanta and New York, while the European offices include Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Approximately 70 percent of the freight handled in Rotterdam and Amsterdam is destined for, or originates from, other European countries including Eastern Europe. In the U.S., East Coast and midland port demand is on the rise as companies look for opportunities to diversify their predominantly West Coast options for points of delivery.

“These locations and services are key components in our strategy to build a comprehensive, door-to-door, global logistics operation that spans air, ocean and truck transportation,” said John Ferguson, vice president, International, for Schneider Logistics. “Plus, the addition of international associates with extensive industry expertise gives us the depth and skills needed to serve customers’ global shipping requirements.”

The new offices and their teams complement Schneider’s existing freight forwarding expertise. The company already has a presence in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle and Miami. Additionally, Schneider Logistics recent growth in China will continue to enable its expertise to link global supply chains.

In addition to its freight forwarding capabilities, Schneider Logistics operates over 13 million square feet of transloading and warehousing space and manages more than 300 dray drivers at vital U.S. ports. For shippers, this means door-to-door moves with fewer hand-offs are a reality.