Meritor WABCO Vehicle Control Systems announced its “next generation” anti-lock braking system with enhanced electronic control unit (ECU). Features include.

  • Advanced ABS performance: Additional features include hill-start aid for added functionality of automated manual transmissions, brake performance monitoring (BPM), and integrated tire pressure monitoring (TPM).

  • Stability Control Systems: This new system is available in both ESC and RSC versions.

  • ESC: The new ABS incorporates features such as a more powerful microcontroller with additional capabilities, all-wheel drive ESC applications, steerable tag axle applications, and two modulated trailer control functions.

  • RSC: RSC offers vehicle rollover stability with few components, maintenance requirements, and low cost.

  • Collision safety with OnGuard: Using the ABS controller, another layer of vehicle control can be added through OnGuard, a forward-looking, radar-based adaptive cruise control system with active braking.

  • Monitoring and telematics capabilities: Communicating over the tractor's data bus, status messages can be relayed to an onboard computer with telematics capabilities.

  • Improved diagnostics and event recording: The new system allows for the capture of data about braking and stability events, creating a record of accurate, detailed information.

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