Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems has updated its Highway Safety Position Paper. In the paper, Bendix identifies four areas as vital to the improvement of highway safety:

  • Exploration of incentives and regulation — Bendix and Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake LLC — the company's joint venture with Dana Corp — support incentives, comprehensive testing, and mandates that lead to the adoption of the advanced technologies that help prevent accidents.

  • Engagement of the insurance industry — Industry estimates show that large-truck accidents involving injury can cost an average of more than $200,000 per event, while those involving fatalities result in an average of more than $3 million. The insurance industry can play a key role in preventing accidents and driving down these costs.

  • Support of driver education, technician training, and problem identification — More frequent and continuous education and awareness programming can help identify and correct brake issues throughout the year, helping to prevent brake-related accidents.

  • Development of advanced safety technologies — Bendix develops the heavy-truck safety technologies that can dramatically enhance highway safety.

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