JOST International fifth wheels are now available as factory-installed options on International trucks manufactured by Navistar.

 Published JOST data book assemblies will include their cast iron, lightweight, cab actuated release and low lube product offerings.  JOST fifth wheels can now be spec’d as a factory installed option on all major U.S. heavy truck brands. 

JOST manufactures fifth wheels for the North American market at its Greeneville, TN, facility.  Features preferred by fleets include:

·         Simple design – only four moving parts.

·         Forged steel locking bar supported on both sides of the coupling ensuring even load distribution and increased surface contact reducing wear.

·         Simple mechanism allows infinite adjustments that are easily maintained with a single adjustment screw.

·         Composite cushion ring absorbs kingpin impacts, reducing king pin and lock wear. It can easily be changed, virtually eliminating the replacement of a more expensive fifth wheel topplate.

·         A low 60-pound pull force handle, the lowest in the market, making operation easier for drivers.

·         Five-year warranty.

“With JOST now available on a major market share manufacturer in Navistar, this completes the puzzle for making JOST a simple choice for national fleets who want to standardize on JOST throughout their purchases,” said Rich Carroll, vice president sales and marketing for JOST. “For our fleet customers that prefer the International brand we're pleased that they now have a seamless, cost effective means of specifying our fifth wheels when they purchase the vehicle.”