Mickey Truck Bodies continues to make significant advances in the oil and gas industry by developing specialized prototype equipment for several major players in the business.

Since entering the business a year ago, Mickey has built numerous data trailers and vans, chemical van units, and control cabins for use at drilling sites. 

“It’s been an ongoing learning process for us, and we are very good at learning because we listen to our customers,” says Kyle McLaughlin, Mickey’s National Accounts Manager. “We’re working closely with the leading designers in this industry to understand how the equipment is used in the field, and what we can bring to the table that existing manufacturers cannot. Our goal is to exceed current industry standards by developing innovative solutions for every aspect of the vehicle – strength, functionality, quality and appearance. We expect to be the market leader in providing this type of equipment to the industry in the future.”

Mickey employs a unique Service Delivery Model to turn a customer’s requirements into engineering solutions. The SDM starts with a clear understanding of the customer’s business objectives and an accurate assessment of the specific vehicle’s operational environment to deliver a final product on spec, on time and on budget. The process also draws on Mickey’s century-plus of vehicle engineering and manufacturing experience, expertise and innovation.

“We have 110 years of manufacturing experience, and we are renowned for our manufacturing flexibility,” says McLaughlin. “That’s something the oil & gas industry is not accustomed to, but is definitely in need of. Traditional manufacturers tend to design one unit and sell it to everybody. At Mickey, we build every unit to the customers’ specifications. We offer high-tech machine capabilities, a dedicated sales force along with an experienced industry support engineering staff, and white glove customer service – all industry-leading capabilities within our traditional customer industries.”

“We’re taking the same approach to oil & gas that we take in every other industry we serve,” adds Tom Arland, VP Sales – Beverage & Engineered Vehicles. “We are not going to engineer and build something for the market and then try to sell it. We are going to work closely with our customers to design our products to match their exact requirements.”