Bryan Dodge alternately entertained and inspired the attendees at the TTMA Convention.

But he did not motivate them. He made that very clear before he even got started.

Dodge stressed the importance of keeping the professional life and personal life in balance. He said that most people, after saying “yes” to everybody all day long in their work environment, have no time or energy left. 

He said three enemies will come at us in attack mode:

Distractions. “There are more distractions now than have ever been recorded in the human race. If we keep you distracted, you lose your focus, and if you lose focus, you adapt to somebody else’s agenda. You need to be better than the enemy.”

Interruptions. “There are more interruptions today than have ever been recorded. I can interrupt you in a heartbeat. All I have to do is text you. All I have to do is email you. All I have to do is call you. All I have to do is Facebook you. You know what the name of interruptions is in America? Squirrel. Have you ever seen the movie Up?”

Procrastination. “I just exposed it. It’s not so happy I did that. So how do you beat it?”

He said it’s done through the philosophy of EAT: Eager learner, Argue, Thankful.

Eager learner.

“It’s statistically proven that 80% of you have lost the word why. You get to a certain age and think you should know. We’re in the information age. You get around peers and you don’t want them to know you don’t know. He doesn’t either. So we have two people talking about something they don’t know anything about.”


“Never take advice from somebody more messed up than you. Good advice never comes to you. You have to seek it out. Only bad advice comes to you without the choice. The fewer excuses you allow into your life, the more room you make for opportunities. Know why some people in this world are negative? It’s easier to be mean than to be nice. It’s easier to say, ‘This guy’s weird.’ It’s easier to be critical than to be open. It’s easier to hurt than to help. It’s easier to tear down than to build up. That’s human nature. You can’t dispute that.

“People don’t shoot down people who are down. We only shoot at people making a difference. If they ain’t shooting at you. you’re not in the game. If they are, then you should be thankful because you’re making a difference.”


“I’m not talking about how blue the sky is or how green the grass is. There’s no perfect child or no perfect Mom or Dad. So why does everything look better over there? It’s because you’re spending more of your time looking over there. Who wants this year or next year to be some of the best years? Here’s my gift to you: Spend more of your time focusing on where you are than where you’re not. Spend more of your time focusing on what you can control compared to what you cannot.

“It’s not the time for the industry to make you happy. It’s this time for you to make the industry better by doing what’s important. And how do you feed that mindset? It’s a mindset. Everybody in this room has the same gift. You’ve just chosen to stop looking. Too many people in this room are average, and that makes me sad, considering you are the best of the best in this industry. I came to expose it. You know how I know you’re average? You won’t appreciate what you have until you lose it. You can’t see it because you have chosen not to.

“Don’t be average from this day forward. Be good. You know what good is? You appreciate what you have while you have it. It’s your job to see what’s in your life.”