The TTMA Engineering Committee approved a series of updated recommended practices and technical bulletins during a meeting held April 25 in Point Clear, Alabama.

The recommended practices are intended to serve as a guide for trailer manufacturers. The primary audience for technical bulletins is those who own and/or operate trailers.

The recommended practices that have been updated include: RP No. 1 – Permissible Load Concentrations for Straight Floor Van Trailers; RP No. 4 – Truck Trailer Landing Gear; RP No. 6 – Trailer Hitches and Connections; RP No. 44 – Air Brake Application & Release Test; and RP No. 65 – Stretch Van Trailers.

Also RP No. 88 – Air Suspension Application Data; RP No. 90 – Side Turn Signal Lamps for Long Trailers; RP No. 100 – Determination of Trailer Length and Width; and RP No. 103 – Trailer Tracking Installation.

The committee also updated the following technical bulletins: TB No. 65 – Wiring Diagram for Truck Trailers; TB No. 77 – Cracked Beam on Platform Trailers; TB No. 87 – Loading Hanging Meat in Meat Rail Trailers; TB No. 95 – Trailer Specification; TB No. 97 – Urethane Foam Flammability and Safety Measures; and TB No. 112 – Exhausting Air from One Air Suspension of a Spread Axle Tandem.

Copies of the new publications are available from the TTMA office in Manassas, Virginia, or by calling (703) 549-3010.

The next meeting of the engineering committee will be July 24-25 in Alexandria, Virginia. It will be a joint meeting with federal officials to mutually discuss trailer-related issues.

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