Talbert Manufacturing has completed its full E-Nitro line by developing E3Nitro, a nitrogren-assisted equalizing system that gives East Coast trailers the ability to run in 3+1, 3+2 or 3+3 spread-axle configurations.

The new E3Nitro is part of a larger series that also includes the E2Nitro and E1Nitro, with three, two or one pin-on axle(s), respectively. An ENitro system, with its nitrogen accumulator, oscillates around a central self-tracking pivot points to provide proportionate weight distribution in each axle grouping, Talbert explained.

With the E-Nitro series, Talbert is able to build trailers with capacities well beyond what can be achieved with simple mechanical or rigid axle extensions. Historically, East Coast trailers had been limited to capacities below their potential because of axle-weight restrictions and permitting issues. By incorporating the new Talbert E3Nitro axle extension, haulers can scale their trailers appropriately and use them to their full potential, Talbert said.

The E3Nitro is designed for trailers with capacities of up to 85 tons and can carry 74,100 lbs. (24,700 lbs. per axle) in its 3+3 configuration. An E2Nitro, which is designed for trailers with up to 65-ton capacities, can support 49,400 lbs. (24,700 lbs. per axle) in a 3+2 formation. Finally, the E1Nitro is designed for trailers with up to 55-ton capacities and can carry 24,700 lbs. (24,700 lbs. per axle) in its 3+1 configuration.

By using a nitrogen accumulator, Talbert’s E-Nitro system hydraulically sets axle load capacity and keeps it there as the system equalizes up and down articulation for a safer and more stable ride.

Both the E1Nitro and E2Nitro are built with two cylinders, and the E3Nitro has three. The extra cylinder is built to handle more capacity for heavy loads. In addition, the E3Nitro provides the ability to disconnect cylinders for capacity alterations. This makes running in 3+1 or 3+2 configurations possible because one cylinder can be removed. Because the E3Nitro is modular, the spreader can be removed and the trailer can operate as a four-axle in addition to the 3+1, 3+2 and 3+3 configurations.

For increased mobility on the jobsite, the E-Nitro system uses nitrogen to transfer weight off the rear axles so they can be lifted out of the way for easy backing. Since no shimming is required, users save considerable operational time and can travel empty without removing the booster and attachment.