Freighter has introduced an automated mezzanine deck for its range of T-Liner trailer products that is designed to simplify the loading process of mezzanine decks and expedite loading times without loss of pallet space.

 “Our engineers have worked hard to design an electro-hydraulic Auto Mezz Deck solution which is fast, quiet and reliable,” said Freighter General Manager Mario Colosimo. “As a result, our new system is almost silent and works with the push of the button. It is certain to speed up loading times for operators, saving them the hassle of having to raise and lower mezzanine decks with a forklift.”

A dominant feature of Freighter’s Auto Mezz Deck design is that it occupies no further space than a standard mezzanine deck.

 “Freighter worked with industry leaders to develop this new option,” Colosimo said. “One of the most important pieces of feedback we received was that any new technology must not come at the expense of load space. Therefore we focused on ensuring there was no loss of pallet space, by keeping posts at the same width to those on a manual deck. Furthermore, a full 2m height clearance is available when the mezzanine deck is fully lowered.”

Colosimo also highlighted the occupational health and safety benefits that Freighter’s Auto Mezz Decks provide, pointing out spring-actuated locks which were integrated into the product as a “fail-safe” feature.

 “The spring-loaded deck locks mean that there is no chance of the decks slipping down further than intended when raising and lowering,” he said. “Upon releasing the controls, the deck automatically locks itself into the next available position, eliminating OH&S risks.”

Freighter’s Auto Mezz Deck can be integrated into orders across its range of T-Liner®models – including the standard, LoadHold, EziLiner and Insuliner products – and is available now via its Australian and New Zealand dealer network.