Krone has introduced a container chassis from the Box Liner eLTU5 Plus Series, which is also equipped with GenSet—a Carrier unit from the UG15l series that is equipped with a 189-l diesel tank, ensuring that the cold chain is not interrupted when the container is transported on the road.

The Box Liner also scores in other aspects, since the chassis is robustly constructed and especially suitable for hard, day-to-day transportation with rapid swap cycles. It is possible to transport 1 x 40 ft with tunnel, 1 x 20 ft loaded centrally or flush to the rear as well as a 45 ft ISO container and 45 ft container with refrigeration unit and its own fuel tank at the front wall.

When transporting 45 foot-high cube containers with a long tunnel and bevelled corners at the front, all legal requirements are also met.

The container chassis is equipped with an electronic brake system and integrated stability program as standard. Other features include sturdy steel ram profiles at the rear, across the entire vehicle width, large rubber buffers centrally at the rear, two stop wedges as well as full LED rear lights. The equipment is completed with a steel platform at the rear between the longitudinal beams for loading and unloading centrally carried containers.

There are no loose parts on the eLTU5 Plus, which would be required for converting to other container sizes. The rear is extended pneumatically by pressing a button. The operating unit is positioned near the rear, yet positioned safely between the first and the second axle. Descriptive pictograms instruct the user on proper use and the required locking position for the rear extension. This also applies for the front extension, which is unlocked using the central control device.

Since the eLTU5 plus container chassis is equipped with two positions for kingpins as a standard, it is suitable for both 2-axle and 3-axle semitrailer tractors.

Krone offers a six-year warranty with unlimited mileage on its own axles – for operations within the EU.