The Advance Engineered Products Group introduces the new Super 407 aluminum full vacuum double conical tridem trailer, designed to improve load times and payloads over non-vacuum crude units. Super 407 is engineered to provide lower fuel costs and better pulling dynamics.

Features of this trailer include:

  • 36,000-liter capacity

  • Full vacuum (35-psi pressure rating)

  • A 200° F (93° C) temperature rating

  • Double conical design with 50% more slope

  • Design holds a TCRN and is certified to TC-407 and ASME.

  • Aerodynamically more efficient due to streamlined exterior and integrated support rings

  • A 6" discharge outlet uses a fully opening knife gate valve to ensure maximum flow rates are achieved

  • Aluminum tank that is 60% lighter than comparable steel trailers allows this unit to carry up to 66,140 lbs of payload

  • Three 20" manholes and float shut-offs are standard

  • Options include pump-off lines, stand-pipe, Rochester level gauge, stub-lines, and clean-outs.

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