Accuride Corporation has published its first book, “Lean Management 50-50-20,” now available on Amazon.

“Lean Management 50-50-20” demonstrates how Accuride successfully applied Lean tools and techniques across its products, processes and partners.  This technically advanced, yet practical book offers insights on Accuride’s successful Lean journey. It is written for Lean professionals and senior leaders who have had exposure to Lean tools, techniques and terminology. 

The new book was written collaboratively by Accuride’s Jd Marhevko, Vice President, Quality and Lean; Mary E. Blair, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Management; and Arvind Srivastava, Corporate Master Black Belt.  All three have played integral roles in helping to drive Accuride’s successful Lean, Quality and Supply Chain transformation since 2011. 

Author Jd Marhevko said: “Based on our experience, on average, achieving a 50 percent reduction in lead time enables our teams to increase productivity by an average of 50 percent and reduce cost-per-unit by an average of 20 percent.  Our book shows others how they may be able to achieve similar results.” 

A veteran of multiple Lean implementations at four global manufacturers, Accuride President and CEO Rick Dauch encouraged publication of “Lean Management 50-50-20” for its potential to help others improve bottom-line outcomes of their Lean initiatives. 

 “Lean Management 50-50-20” is available in both paperback and e-book editions.  It can be purchased in both formats directly from the Amazon website at